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We’re happy to think outside of the box to create a custom video to accommodate your ideas. As you might guess, we will need to have a detailed discussion for best pricing.

We’ve got the creative services and the experience to produce high-quality business videos for any size project. All videos are shot in high-definition with professional cameras, lighting and audio equipment. We offer a wide range of video editing services to make every production unique to your business.

We’re happy to offer you a free consultation and free quote to go over the basics and begin bringing your video to life.

Our Video Editing Services Will Turn Your Footage into a Professional-Looking Video.

If you can shoot video (yes, even with an iPhone) but don’t have the editing capabilities to turn your footage into a video that looks professionally produced, we can do it for you. Our video editors will cut out bloopers and extra footage, correct and enhance color and audio, add narration, music, logos, titles, photos, backgrounds, and more!

Our creative editors will assemble a professional, high-quality photo montage video production enhanced with media elements that can match the effectiveness of higher-cost web video. This low-cost production is made by adding simple animations and transitions to photos and graphics that best tell your story.


.Simple Animation Enhancements and Transitions

.Titles, Text, and Bullet Point Creation

.Your Music or a Selection from Our Library

.Encoded for Highest Quality Web-Delivery

The Wedding CLIP video is a summary of your wedding day, set to a song of your choice. It includes the most powerful images of your wedding. It's usually pretty upbeat and energetic, although that depends on the combination of the images and the music that’s chosen. The best part is that it's small and short and you can share it with anyone online. You can also put in your tablet or Phone.

This video is a short film about Rodrigo Nasa's career, 21st Anniversary of Tattooing around the globe.

We are able to produce a professional video that will bring your story to life. Whatever your needs, from concept and scriptwriting to photography, producing and editing we can use a variety of multimedia tools to create custom visuals that get you noticed. 

No pain no NASA!

Short version video @

Baby Love is brought to you by a very passionate Photographer and mother who loves to create memorable images that will last forever. We love photographing babies, baby bumps and families and we believe that photography is not just about taking great photographs, it’s about creating memories to treasure.

We are not just about still images... Our newborn and Cake Smash Sessions are famous for including an awesome making of video clip. So you can whatch what we "have been doing" while photographing your little one on a very fun way!

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